Monday, 05 December 2016

Life Windro project begins on the use of mechanical energy in desalination and water purification with reverse osmosis

On October 1st, the European project LIFE WINDRO.- LIFE15 CCM / ES / 000040 - which is part of the framework of the European Climate Change Framework.

The present project Life consists of the realization of a prototype installation ("pilot") for desalination of water by reverse osmosis.

The innovation of this installation lies in its ability to work in a self-sufficient manner, employing only the mechanical energy generated in a wind turbine adapted to directly transmit energy from the dynamics of the lady's high-pressure inverse system pumps.

Project objectives

- Design of the transmission of mechanical wind energy from the wind turbine to the high pumps. It will include the design of gear systems, multipliers, shafts and couplings, bearings, bearings and brackets to the bearing structure.
- Modification of a commercial wind turbine for its implementation in the system.
- Coupling of the mechanical transmission.
- Optimization of the reverse osmosis module and selection of membranes for the irregular working regime due to wind variations.
Environmental objectives
- Mitigation of climate change through the reduction of GHG emissions as a result of the use of sustainable energy to develop the reverse osmosis desalination process.
- Supply of water in areas with supply problems, for both human and agricultural consumption.
Partners of the consortium
The consortium that will implement this European project Life is formed by the following companies:
- Water Generation S.A (coordinator)
- Ciemat
- University of Granada.- Water Institute
- Facsa
- Adepro Ingenieria S.l
- Urbitas S.l