Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Life + program approves a new European project to Facsa

The European Commission's LIFE 2015 LIFE program under the LIFE ACTION GRANTS Environment subprogramme has approved the project "Mechanical transmission system integrated in a wind turbine for water desalination and reverse osmosis purification, LIFE WINDRO" with a total budget of € 1,215,619.

This project, which began at the end of this year, has a 3-year implementation period and is working in cooperation between FACSA, GENERACIÓN DE AGUA SA, ADEPRO INGENIERIA SL, Center for Environmental, Energy and Technological Research (CIEMAT) UNIVERSIDAD DE GRANADA (INSTITUTO DEL AGUA) and URBITAS SL

LIFE WINRO, has as main objective the realization of a prototype installation ("pilot") for desalination of water by reverse osmosis. The innovation of this facility lies in its ability to work in a self-sufficient manner, using only the mechanical energy generated in a wind turbine adapted to directly transmit said mechanical energy to the high pressure pumps of the reverse osmosis system.

The technologies involved in the project present a high degree of development at present, innovation consists in the integration of all of them into a single system, which is what really characterizes the project.

For the realization of this new concept of autonomous desalination plant have fixed two fundamental parts:

1. Design and construction of a scalable prototype. In which the necessary tests will be carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the mechanical coupling method and the initial studies and tests will be implemented, which will be used to carry out checks on the theoretical calculations and to optimize the desalination process.

2. Full-size viability study. That will allow to evaluate the technical and economic viability of the plant on a larger scale. The results of the prototype will be scaled to the actual behavior for its replicability in any region of the EU.