Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Five Spanish partners develop an innovative desalination project with éolica

This is the Life Windro project and consists of the realization of a prototype installation for desalination of water by reverse osmosis, able to work in a self-sufficient way, using only the mechanical energy provided by a wind turbine.

The Windro Life Project - Integrated Mechanical Transmission System In A Wind Turbine For Desalination And Water Treatment By Reverse Osmosis - officially on October 18, it is supported by the EU under the Life program and is developed over the long term. Next Three years Your total budget is € 1,215,619.

The innovation of this facility lies in its ability to work in a self-sufficient manner, employing only the mechanical energy generated in a wind turbine adapted to directly transmit mechanical power to the high pressure pumps of the inverse system.

To do this, design a new electronic mechanical power transmission system from the wind turbine to the high pumps. It includes the design of gear systems, multipliers, shafts and couplings, bearings, bearings and brackets to the bearing structure. In addition, the reverse osmosis module and membranes are optimized for the irregular working regime due to wind variations.

The system, for the supply of water in areas with supply problems, for both human and agricultural consumption, is coordinated by the company Generación de Agua S.A. (GAUZE). The other members of the Ciemat, the Sociedad de Fomento Agrícola Castellonense, S.A. (Facsa), Adepro Ingenieria S.L. (Adepro), University of Granada (UGR) and Urbitas S.L.

In a first phase a prototype is installed in which the tests are carried out, and the results are the expected ones of the prototype will go to commercial stage.